20-Somethings Part 1: Dilemma

Trndmrkr worked together with Psilogy on a research about The Ne (x)t Generation for the Vodafone Life Rhythm Knowledge Center.

Lately I have been noticing some interesting articles and research projects about 20 somethings, their dilemma’s and view of the world. Here’s a first link on what it is all about…


All we ever wanted – trailer from 100% Halal on Vimeo.

All we ever wanted is everything is a documentary on how young creatives are confronted with stress and handle performance-, peer- and social media pressure. Things most of us are confronted with every day… but can for some evolve in serious social and psychological problems.
Check the whole documentary here

Later this month I will share some more examples of what keeps 20 something minds occupied nowadays and sum up on what effect it has on their decisions (= buying, career, psychology etc.) so be sure to check the blog regularly.

100% HALAL

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