20- Somethings Part 2: Success is…

Trndmrkr worked together with Psilogy on a research about The Ne (x)t Generation for the Vodafone Life Rhythm Knowledge Center.

In our society, failure is hardly accepted. Setbacks, blunders and disappointments are completely kept out of the picture. CVs flaunt LinkedIn and enviable photos on Facebook, but missed promotions or disaster holidays are nowhere to be found. Only successes are celebrated.
But most young 20-somethings believe that setbacks, including professional, often can be an unexpected source of inspiration. The idea is simple: innovations are only possible with people who dare to cross borders. And that risk should be respected, honored and not punished. This generation will not only cater to innovation whitin current management structures of organizations, but they will tackle the fundamental principles of the so-called successful society as well. They know failure leads to inspiration and are embracing it as ways to fully develop themselves: authentic, confident and successfully!

Commercial- Nike Rise

LeBron James “I’m not a role model”
This isn’t about what LeBron James has done, or hasn’t done. This is about the difference between the expectations others may have of him versus the expectations he has of himself. What should he do? Just do it!

Project-Fail Safe

How secure must we be to take risks? Does anonymity play a big role in how you behave online? What is the difference between losing and failing? “Fail Safe” begins a conversation on these topics and invites your participation (twitter hashtags #failsafe and #failcon )

This video was created at the Fail Conference in Berlin, Germany on 7 May 2010, an event by PALOMAR5 ( palomar5.org ), YOUR NEIGHBOURS ( yourneighbours.de ) and KS12 ( ks12.net )

Fail Safe from KS12 on Vimeo.


LOSER tackles the ‘successful society’ by showing how an unexpected setbacks can be inspiring.

LOSER includes images, designs and works of over 60 creatives, including Erwin Olaf, Stefan Sagmeister, Silvia B., Atypyk, Tjep Hanna Hedman and their failure to present for entertainment, for inspiration, for identification or for processing. Loser will be launched November 15, contact for more info De Jonge Hond.

Ref:Creativity-Online, Jonge Hond, KS12

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