Nous sommes la! Trndmrkr is a collaborative creative research and advisory group focused on consumer and trends research to assist clients in defining new marketing opportunities.


Drs. Hortense Koster is the founder and director of Trndmrkr. Always hungry for the latest, Hortense travels the world searching for new and provocative ideas from design shows in Milan to innovation hubs in Delhi and social movements in Portland-‘marking’ those mindsets and initiatives that are driving innovation and growth.

“I like to work those few that lead the many. Alternatively known as early adopters, thought purveyors or trendsetters, they are the creators of the ideas and movements that others adopt. Their actions have been harnessed to create affinity between key audiences and brands and products and services. Their culture exists outside the purview of most traditional marketing channels. Therefore accessing them in any substantive way has proven almost impossible. They create and shape a unique worldview within their chosen disciplines and in turn speak to their individual networks at a much deeper and richer level. They move forward linearly forging new archetypes within technology, (sustainable) business, communication, food, travel and non-profit.”

Together we understand why consumers are changing– and how marketing needs to change to keep up…

Please feel free to write me with any comments or questions. Drop me a line at info@trndmrkr.com