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Why Industrial Giants are turning to Design Thinking


Its a matter of survival… or in Dutch …’Het belang van de ervaring van de eindgebruiker, waar ontwerpers altijd mee bezig zijn, wordt eindelijk erkend. Het is inmiddels een belangrijke discussie in de bestuurskamers van bedrijven over de hele wereld.’ Read more here

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New Year, New Trends


To bring 2016 off to a even better start.. here are some of my favourite trend overviews for this year, enjoy!

Customer Experience Trends for 2016: its all about pre-sales and after sales support, wearable tech, apps, and getting digital and personal.

The 15 Tech Trends 2016, curated by Frog, that will transform industries in 2016 and beyond.

Hyper Island Report, Changes of Tomorrow – Trends transforming society: in business, technology, talent, and behaviour. See the report below or download here

Changes Of Tomorrow_HyperIsland

Fjord Trends 2016: Trends impacting design and innovation

See the report below or download here



Thank You and Happy 2016!


2015 has been a great year for Trndmrkr on all fronts: worked on great projects, for wonderful clients. We traveled to new places to work with multi-talented people to find the latest insights in the fields of automotive, public transport, FMCG, food & health, retail, digital sales, privacy, workforce and sustainability. More about this here.

Thank you if you were part of it.

And if you would like to be… looking forward to hearing from you!

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