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Trends that will define 2015



When catching up  on my trend reading, I came across Research Magazine’s article ‘Trends coming for 2015’. Here the top 3 trends:

New Wave of Feminism: Three strands dominating the argument: the Sheryl Sandberg Lean In theory; the rise of Pop Feminism and actress Emma Watson’s HeforShe speech to the UN calling for the inclusion of men in the debate

The Future of Wearables: Within this emerging tech sector, biometrics is one of the leading forces. In the US just over half said they were interested in a device which gives regular advice on how to improve health according to Will Seymour, brand officer at Future Foundation.

Price is Personal: Is it imaginable that you could go to a supermarket and be charged a specific price only for you? Not tomorrow, nor the next day, but we have to imagine this will be the case fairly soon. Data mining is making it all possible, privacy laws are still holding us back.

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