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Future of Branding = Value Exchange

Future_brandThis article of Fast Company’s correspodent Rita J. King is about how brands need to create and real connections between consumers and products. Since I’m all about the understanding consumer context, I was happy to see she stressed that the future of branding is not about creating a nifty digital branded app but understanding the process: “the guidance, support, or a framework in which our (customer) story, with all its ups and downs, can be documented and shared in real time…” is so important and creates real value. She continues “If your brand doesn’t serve any of the segments in the customer journey, you’re right to be concerned about the future”.

Furthermore, I liked how Cecelia Wogan-Silva, the director of creative agency development at Google talked about working together with creative thinkers (such as with driver app Uber)to find the problem (not just a sollution) and start a conversation. She believes that the concept of being a slave to the latest technology fad or ad unit will become a thing of the past.
“Instead, there’s value exchange brought to you by a brand” … compelling thoughts girls!


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Case: What Women Want?

A while back Trndmrkr gave a presentation about New Female Mindsets during the Nike EU Summit and this spurred off to some new projects and publicity…

In Volkrant Magazine, fashion editor Bregje Lampe asked my opinion about the latest Marks & Spencer campaign shot by celebrity photographer Annie Liebowitz- which highlighted new female rolemodels.

Subtitled “Britain’s leading ladies”, the women featured in the campaign are not just the usual A-list celebrities, but included an Olympic gold winning boxer and an award winning nurse as well. As such, M & S shows us that every women can be a ‘leading lady’ and do not have to conform to stereotype ’80 power dressing (think Angela Merkel). They can be successful and dress feminine at the same time.

Read the article (in Dutch) below:

And more examples of this shift in paradigm are in the air…
The UN brought forth the much acclaimed campaign about womens rights in comparison with popular Google search words…
Kirsten van Hulst, author, politician and spokesperson for the UN on womens rights in the Netherlands launched her book (S)hevolution.

The Future Laboratory has captured this changing mindset of powerful- yet feminine- women aptly in this short but facinating explanation of the Athena women:
“Named after the goddess of wisdom, Athena woman is a positive reincarnation of the Alpha woman”

Athena Woman from The Future Laboratory on Vimeo.

So what implications does this shift have, to us and the brands who want to engage with all types of women? Perhaps we should recognize that individuality goes futher that gender. But gender surely does still matters – just not in the stereotypical ways of conventional marketing. Looking forward to your thoughts on this here


The Naked Brand: The Future of Marketing


Documentary about the changes that happening whitin the marketing & advertising industry and what to expect in the next 20 years…right from the horses mouth: Virgin, Patagonia, Pepsi and Common …now online and always good to remind us what its really about…

The Naked Brand – Official Trailer from The Naked Brand on Vimeo.

Unfortunately the whole documentary cannot be shared on this site but you can see it on the Bloomberg site

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Instagramaniacs and the Collapse of Conversation?

Against a backdrop of ever shorter technology cycles, end user needs are evolving at an ever quicker pace. Smartphones in use crossed the one billion mark in 2012 and will double by 2015. Such explosive take-up is also accompanied by new customer behaviors, such as the rise of Instagram. Teens are ditching Facebook en masse and moving to Instagram .

It has even become the second most popular (23 % up from 12 per cent last year) social network among teens in the
US according to Piper Jaffray’s semi-annual teen market research report

article-2475591-18F6598700000578-137_634x489 (Piper Jappray)

In a recent interview of Business Insider, the teens suggests that main reason why they Instagram is “Because you can just scroll through quickly when you’re bored, looking for funny or interesting stuff but not having full conversations.”

The following documentary shares a bit more insight on why young people like Instragram so much …

Instagram Is from technopaul productions on Vimeo.

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