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Case: Hospital Innovation

Last month Trndmrkr worked on gathering insights for the preliminary ideation workshop for the Hospital Innovation Conference this fall in Denmark. Philips Design was one of the supporting partners and helped moderate the workshop and share insights on the future world of hostiptal architecture and healthcare. See some more below:

Hospital+Innovation, pre-event 12/6-13/6, Odense from Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation on Vimeo.

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Do Memes Matter?


The Engagement Project shares insights, perspectives and ideas on how brands can connect with Gen C and consumers more deeply in the participation age. This fascination with the familiar is deeply rooted. As humans, we’ve always wondered, “Is this really all there is”? Marcel Proust knew. The great French novelist once wrote that the “voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” In other words, humans aren’t necessarily attracted to the allure of the new, as much as we like to see things we’re already familiar with in a new way.

This is exactly what’s happening on the web. It may seem that all we’re doing is just capturing every mundane moment. But look closely. These everyday moments are shot, displayed, and juxtaposed in a way that offers us a new perspective. And then all of a sudden these everyday moments, places and things look… fascinating.

This fascination with the familiar is deeply rooted. As humans, we’ve always wondered, “Is this really all there is”? Through poetry, art and philosophy – and now the visual web – we strive to elevate the everyday by feeding our appetite for imagination and discovery.

And the web allows us to do this on a scale we’ve simply never seen before. By seeing the miraculous in the mundane, we’re learning to fall in love with the world again, to laugh with it, and be fascinated by it. (For more on this project, click here.) and see which memes are nominated for meme of the year bij the Webby Awards
Ref: Google Think


Brand Relevance

brandrelevanceBrand relevance creates an offer that is so innovative that it drives the development of a new category or subcategory for which competitors are not relevant anymore. We agree, for some time now but its good to see that Branding guru David Aaker’s made the effort to write book on this0 Brand Relevance: Making Competitor’s Irrelevant. This book shows how to turn away from destructive brand preference competition to focus on winning the brand relevance war.

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The Era Of The Designer


In May Trndmrkr was part of the communications team of the What Design Can Do an international conference about the impact of design. Highlights included presentations of Mike Kruzinski, Head of design for Twitter, Marije Vogelzang, food & eating designer and Nicholas Roope, cofounder of Poke, a London-based digital creative company.

At the end of the two day Conference the conference book which was designed, printed and published right on the spot during What Design Can Do 2013. The book contains an extensive overview of What Design Can Do 2013, speaker profiles, breakout reports, an interview with Kees Dorst, articles by Timo de Rijk, David Kester, and many more speakers.

Have a look right here

WDCD 2013 Aftermovie from What Design Can Do on Vimeo.

Ref: Design INDABA

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Is iPhone Losing Its Edge?


Since 2007 generally speaking people  have been ecstatic about their Apple iPhone, but with any long term relationship, thing get rocky and sometimes bust..

One of the film that have been circling the web is

read more in the article

Ref: Steve Hockett, Kristy Korcz

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