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What if ….India

Last week I visited India, a country in transition. With modern and traditional values living next to each other, some growing pains inevitable.  But when looking at the people of this wonderfully diverse country the possibilities are endless.

One of the signs of how rapid growth creates a shift in paradigm,  is the growing interest in street art. One graffiti artist Daku has risen to the surface to make an important point.  He explains: “I choose garbage dumps and the interiors of rural parts of the city as my canvas. The people who stop to notice a brightly painted Daku graffiti on the wall next to the garbage dump will also spare a moment to see the cleaners and beggars who work around it.”

According to Daku “The shiny mall is the India we want to project but should we turn a blind eye to the needs of the poor who actually make up the population?.” He decided to use the Devanagari script in his paintings “I wants all Indians to be able to read what I am writing. My greatest joy is to meet a few that understand what I am trying to convey.”

Ref: Streetfiles, Exotica

Hello Etsy Summit on Small Business and Sustainability


Last Saturday I visited the Hello Etsy Summit at the beautiful Piet Hein Eek venue. The event was set during the Dutch Design Week, highlighting designers and artists from the Etsy community as well as offering insights into how small businesses can reach a world audience and form beneficial partnerships. With the rise of small businesses, Etsy sees opportunities to measure success in new ways… to build local, living economies, and most importantly, to help create a more sustainable future… more on the shareing economy soon or contact Trndmrkr

To watch some of the talks online, go here. 
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Presentation Satish Kumar of Editor-In-Chief, Resurgence
Hello Etsy at Piet Hein Eek