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Millennials: all work and all play

Interesting insights on the different views generations have on work:
Baby Boomers look for security and success in a 9-5 job, hierarchy and growing a career at one company.
Gen X seek success is rising to the top fast, young and working hard, being at the right place at the right time.
However for Gen Y/ Millennials success is not as much reaching a certain goal, but more the journey towards it, being treated as an equal, working hard, everywhere at any time and having fun whilst doing it.

Although¬† I was raised in a Gen X mindset, looking up my sisters wearing ‘working girl’ power suits and watching ‘The secret to my success’ at an early age¬† (and yes one of my first 80’s Barbies had a outfit that you could change from work to a cocktail outfit) … I definitely can relate to… and I’m actively engaged in the Gen Y/ Millenial ‘all work and all play’ mind set.
Thanks Mijntje!
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