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Phasebook is a project of graphic designer Jorgen Koolwijk in which he responds to the manufacturability of ones digital life.

Today it is very simple and indeed common to direct ones digital image and create your own life story. Via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest you can determine how you want to come across to the world. The pictures and messages that we place on social media are mostly superficial and easily forgotten. Therefore Koolwijk asked himself, through the digital information we leave behind on the internet, who were we in the recent past and how a certain ‘phase’ has influenced our image now? What is the real you and what is our digital image? Phasebook visualises the reality of our digital behaviour.

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Advertising for People Who Don’t Like Advertising

Advertising for People Who Don’t Like Advertising
is a new book of creative agency Kesselskramer , who dislike advertising as much as anyone. Nevertheless, they make adverts.
This book describes how to make something you like out of something you don’t. As well as drawing on its own experiences, KesselsKramer listens and learns from those who doubt the advertising industry such as Stefan Sagmeister, Hans Aarsman and Alex Bogusky.

Erik Kessels, founder of Kessels Kramer, will be presenting his favourite examples of work, as part of our student lecture series. The event will take place at King’s Place in London on the 28th of May. For more information click here.

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Trends Milan Design week

As the economy continues to move slowly and economists seem as uncertain as ever, design offers products to move into a new frontier.

At a collective exhibition showing at Ventura Lambrate, designers were asked, “If you had to envisage life on some other habitable planet other than Earth, what kind of minimal hand luggage would you take with you?”

Based upon using sunlight as an alternative energy to create sculptures out of sand, this solar machine would fit perfectly in any extraterrestrial ecosystem (I’m thinking Mars).



This movie of Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) shares insights on men and grooming. Zach Galifianakis (of The Hangover & Due Date), and even the guy in the Old Spice commercial, Isaiah Mustafa, all have a thing to say about beards, moustache (and yep back, crack and sack too). Looking forward to seeing this one and finding out what is the trend after the Marlboro man, Metrosexual, Retrosexual, Ubersexual and The Satorialist… It’s more than handsome… it’s Mansome!

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The Pitch

The Pitch is a reality soap about the dynamics of ‘pitching’ in advertising industry. The tense atmosphere is grueling in this first episode. Glad I have experienced pitching in a more relaxed way in real life…. A lighter version of presenting an idea is this Israeli commercial, not very new but still very funny…

Thanks Sharon

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I cannot exactly explain how this music video clip of artist Yung Jake works… but its taking social media to another surreal level.. and no… your computer is not hacked.. . be prepared to be amazed…

Experience it here Some of you might know this interactive video as well… The Wilderness Downtown …using Google maps Do you see a link? Ref: The World’s best ever