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How Advertising will heal the World and your Business

Last week Trndmrkr gave a guest lecture at the Fontys International Lifestyle Studies about researching and reporting about the macro trend within advertising  ‘Not For Profit Only‘ for Second Sight Magazine. Click on picture to read…

not_for_profit_only_1 not_for_profit_only_2

One of the lucky students got a copy of the book ‘How Advertising will Heal the World and your Business’  which covers a great deal of what the trend is about in the advertising industry.

Allthough the title suggests something very lucid- it is very factual and in-dept research on the shift in marketing paradigm .. moving away from pure for profit brand thinking to pro social brand thinking. There are some great examples and a model…

Download the book for free via this link .

Thanks Mark Woerde of Lemz!


Looking For Lovers Of All Things New

According to an article of Phil Johnson of PJA Advertising in Ad Age:
“Every agency needs a lover of all things ‘new’, because most of us gravitate toward the familiar, and fall back on the tried and true. This person feels a gravitational pull toward every shiny new object. While he can fall prey to trends, he makes us look at shifts in popular culture and see the potential in new technologies.”

At Trendmrkr we like to think we have a bunch of those kind of ‘lovers’…while keeping a critical eye towards ‘trends’.

Ref: AdAge, The life design project


A Modern Fairytale

Traditional storytelling vs. transmedia storytelling…the Brits are great in adapting traditional ‘fairytales’ into a modern transmedia ‘journalism’ version such as this version of the 3 little pigs for The Guardian… this commercial has that curated, multimedia chaotic look and feel to it… resembling the Sherlock series.. doesn’t it?

Ref: AdAge