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The Bark Side: 2012, Volkswagen does StarWars

This made my day… canine chorus barks a familiar tune…especially the Chewbarca reference (that pun was intended) and the Whippet cameo at the end…
Volkswagen seem to taken the Catvertising trend to another level…Barkvertising it is!

Keep an eye out for our 2012 Game Day commercial—it will all make sense. Love Star Wars and Volkswagen? Create an Intergalactic Invite to your Big Game party here.


Esprit "Make a Wish" Campaign inc. with Facehunter

In this Esprit “Make a Wish” campaign in collaboration with street style photographer Yvan Rodic of the Facehunter blog, fashionable people on the street are asked to they wish for themselves and the people they love.

These video’s bring beautiful people and inspiring thoughts together, while reflecting the incredible diversity of the world’s cities where these video’s were captured in. The concept of documenting people and their thoughts/ wishes has is not new… see Fifty People one Question however…within these settings, you will be sure to find something inspiring… the rise of street photographers that are being courted by bigger brands to assist in brand image and advertising is interesting too.