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20-somethings Part 4: Education & Work

Trndmrkr worked together with Psilogy on research about The Ne (x)t Generation for the Vodafone Life Rhythm Knowledge Center.

Millennials are drastically changing the consumer scene. Gen-Y is having an overwhelming effect on education and the workforce. And as we explore and answer “how 20-somethings will bring change”, we will look at what these effects are causing not only to Gen-Y but the greater whole of society.
Trndmrkr found some interesting article on this topic
How Will Gen-Y Change the World

Ref: itsjosipnotjoseph, The Next Great Generation


Nike+ gaming app

Remember tag? Sure you do. Were you awesome at it? Well now’s your chance to prove it all over again. Grab your friends and challenge them to a game of Nike+ Tag. All you need is the Nike+ GPS App for iPhone. Because let’s be honest—sometimes it’s more fun to run from your friends than with them.

Here’s how to play:

• Download the Nike+ GPS App for iPhone® from iTunes.
• Pick a game: distance or time.
• The person who runs the shortest distance or time is IT.
• If you’re IT, your frenemies can talk trash on your home screen.
• The only way not to be IT is to start a new game.
You’re It !

Ref: Nike+


Facebook book

In a recent discussion we agreed that Facebook is somewhat similar to a good old ‘friendship book’; the one you used to pass around in the class room, sharing each others favourite colours, food, animals etc… Now you can make a Facebook friendship booklet happen, and let your friends updates last for a lifetime with the Flashback Book application. At least last November you could, but I see posibilities for 2011 business models, read and see what it was all about…

Last november, DDB Paris created the ‘Flashback Book’ to launch Bouygues Telecom’s Facebook platform. Flashback Book allowed social networkers to create limited edition books based on their status updates and photos. Users could include up to ten friends and designate a timeframe of the content to be covered. The limited run of 1,000 books were gone within an hour of the promotion’s launch.

When Facebook becomes a book from Siavosh Zabeti on Vimeo.

…and only a week after posting this post I spotted the first 2011 Facebook book rip-off, SocialBook,they are currently taking orders.
Ref: Fubiz