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The Great Recession Food Trend

In my recent visit to LA these truck have amazed me on
their originality – ‘coolhaus’ icecream sandwiches,
the blend of cultures that create particularly creative fusion flavors- the ‘rive a gauche’ hamburger,
…and exclusivity- the truffel fries.

In spite of the economic climate—or perhaps because of it— new mobile food truck are growing fast and food truck entrepreneurs are trying to keep up with the demand. Today, even some chefs from Michelin-starred eateries are migrating into a sector of the food business that seems particularly well suited for a financial downturn. Fans love great tastes, accessibility (right in front of the office) and relative inexpensive but nevertheless high quality meals.

Furthermore, what sets this new breed of food trucks apart is how tech savvy they are intheir use of social media, in particular Facebook and Twitter. One tweet can turn a deserted office area into a bussling corner of foody lovers. Some food truck entrepreneurs, like kogiBBQ manage as much as 62,306 followers on Twitter a day. What’s more, fans are very engaged – the dream of every marketeer. Fans share their opinions about the dishes they purchased, the flavours they liked, what they’ve indulged in that day: it’s instantaneous feedback. They go online and say what they’d like to see, and sometimes there’s maybe something (the chefs) haven’t thought of. Several of the trucks chefs have gone as far as adding items to their menus based on customer requests.
The food trucks practise of creative strategy, I believe, is something even non-food businesses would be wise to explore.

ref: Wallet pop, Wall Street Journal


The Future of Mobility

An overview of some of nicest video footage and insights I came across researching The Future of Mobility

Disney animation predicting the future of mobility back in 1958

Volkswagen 2028
that sketches a scenario of future automotive mobility, 20 years from now. The site kicks off with a short introductory movie set in the future, where a father takes a walk with his son talking about the old times where there were still traffic jams. Not very convincing in my opinion but who knows, perhaps this will be something of the past very soon. Future times according to VW are about smart, on-demand car delivery services, skinnable car exteriors and the death of traffic jams as we know them.

Honda: Mobility in 2088 (not new but still good)