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Amsterdam premieres new short film Spike Jonze

The film ‘I’m Here’ of Spike Jonze, one of the main influencers of today’s pop culture, showcases his interpretation of the ABSOLUT brand. In the lead up to the premiere – the Dutch have the honor to set up a competition accompanying the film. A short promotional film was made by four leading Dutch creatives, to call for creatives to participate in the competition. The winner of the competition has the opportunity to organise the offline premiere of the film.

Here’s a short preview of the film I’m Here…



The world 1st steet art disaster movie

Graffity artist/designer and international renound’enfant terrible’ Banky can cross of yet another box of the Slash/Slash Dilemma- What position to chose as a designer… its being a film maker. Banksy will be releasing a new film called Exit Through The Gift Shop that will be premiering at Sundance . The film supposedly is about a man who tried to make a movie about Banksy, but Banksy ends up making a film about him instead. The trailer had a Jackass feel to it, I curious what it will be about…

Ref: Kitsune Nior