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Must Read- Future in Progress

Future in Progress is a series of concepts, projects, ideas and opinions that are directional and inspiring, and will continue to influence the way we work. This book is a creative collaboration between the International Fashion Institute and many creative professionals who have an impact across the creative industries. Looking forward to 2020 and beyond, the projects featured are designed to spark dialogue and conversation about fashion, consumer and brand future so that triggers more questions, dares you to make bigger predictions and create the “amazing” expectations.

Future in Progress will be published in January 2010 and will be available to purchase at
Ref: Neil Bennett


Abandoned building blog

First of all, a late Merry X- mas to you all,hope you had a good one.
Secondly… it’s back to business… I found this blog and love the eerie, Dr. Evilish look of this blog… and if you’re searching a location for a movie/music video set… this is your guidebook…



Bento Art

One of the best things about Japan is the Bento Box… a delicious lunch box packed with Japanese goodness: fish, sticky rice eggrolls, sushi.. you name it.
Japanese mums tend to go the extra mile for their kin decorating the school lunch bento boxes according to the latest playground craze… now is’t become an art form…
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The Quiet Riot to sustainable design

We as consumers nowadays have an unsatisfiable need for novelty: more products, services and experiences.

To satisfy this demand, design is shouting for more resources and energy than are available. Design and its users are living on the credit of future generations and causing massive pollution. In order to breach with this disastrous trend, the Danish intitiative, the quiet riot, researches how design can contribute to a more sustainable future.

In my opinion they’ve already made a good start by dividing the collosal term ‘Sustainability’ in realistic and clear sub headings:
Food, Materials, Energy, Industry, People, Spaces and Communities – celebrates solutions, which are highly energy efficient, use renewable resources and are well designed, aspirational and sustainable.

Ref:Sense Worldwide


IKEA Soft Toys Aid

Soft Toys Aid is the cuddle version of 80’s Live Aid and a new activity of IKEA’s support of UNICEF and Save the Children education projects all over the world (by donating 1 euro for every soft toy that is bought).
IKEA soft toys get together to sing for a better world and everyone is invited to join them in an attempt to create the world’s biggest choir. You can record your own singing with just a few simple clicks. Furthermore, you can select which soft toy character you want to be represented by, and steer its dance movements. check the campaign.