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Curious Minds Make Things Happen‏

When was the last time you were curious?
I always like to presume that “I’m not curious I just like to know everything”.
And being in the ‘know’ has its advantages…
it makes ‘things’happen…

So ask yourself the following:

When was the last time you indulged your curiosity?
What was the last time you benefited from being curious?
When did following your curiosity meant making a big decision in your life?

In my case cusiousity keep me from becoming complacent and offers me insights on what is happening at the moment and why. Therefore I’m able to know why and where change is happening and use this information to communicate effectively. Whether it’s within advertising, design or technology, more and more companies are recognising that constant change is the new ‘normal’. This means they need to be aware of these insights, to innovate and adapt to this changing market and consumer wants & needs.

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For more information on how to use insights in your organisation contact


akindofgang-nous sommes la!

In honour of the legendary PUMA Suede Classic 1978, Paris local artist Eddek in cooperation with SHYLO created several pieces of art inspired by New York through the 70’& 80′. The work can be admired in the streets of Antwerp, Amsterdam and in their temporary gallery opening tonight at 21.00 hrs, Nieuwezijdse Voorburgwal 30, Amsterdam.
Not in the neighbourhood?… have a sneak peak here and more info here


Summer readings

Aaah Summertime, no better time to relax, lounge near the pool or on the beach. And for those up for a bit of inspiration to top up your holiday here’s a list of reads, videos and podcasts to enjoy…

Never Use White Type on a Black Background: And 50 Other Ridiculous Design Rules by Anneloes van Gaalen.
“50 Ridiculous Design Rules” presents a collection of inspirational and delusional design jargon intended to question preconceived notions of layout, type, and technique. An interactive website even lets savvy designers weigh in with their own silly and sometimes insightful axioms. Available now through BIS Publishers for €15 and on Amazon.—

5 Things Innovators Can Learn From Cirque Du Soleil by Gregg Fraley
Hint… its something to do about the Beatles and Cirque Du Soleil, who ever would have thought these two brands would be a match made in heaven…

How Whirlpool Puts New Ideas Through The Wringer
– insights on how Whirlpool makes innovation happen.

Ref: Coolhunting, Stefan Lindegaard


Top 5 things to do this Summer in (and around) London

1. Tears and Castles – Summer Art Exhibition
Fresh artist MOTEL7 is a female South African graffiti artist who has shaken the Cape Town graffity scene with her childlike fantasy imagery that is loaded with suggestion and vice. Think bleeding, burning hearts and tattooed skulls share a canvas with marshmallow landscapes dripping with icing.
The exposition is on show now, admire her work and many other contemporay artists till August 30th
London, SW3, 17 Walton Street

Beachdown Festival
Music, entertertainment, beach girls and boys.. can you ask for more?
August 28th-31st, Brighton beach

3.Get Loaded in the Park
Featuring the talented V V BROWN
August 30th, London, Clapham Common

5.5 Designers Talk- Cloning project

Paris-based product designers 5.5 Designers, 5 will present their unique vision on design. Their humour and interest in experimental production processes lies at the heart of their ‘Cloning’ project. ‘Cloning’ is a method of creating objects based on your own image, a way to offer unique, personalized products which are more emotionally engaging for the consumer.
September 3rd, 7-9 PM, London, 42 Hoxton Square

5. And lets not forget Primrose Hill- always a the best spot for a Summer picnic


Humanthesizer turns 15 bikini models into a live dancing synth

Loving this…
Say hello to the Humanthesizer, a joint creation between electronic musician Calvin Harris, Sony Music UK, and Bare conductive body ink, which turned 15 bikini-clad ladies into a giant Arduino-powered synth capable of playing Harris’s track “Ready For The Weekend” though Max/MSP and Ableton Live. Each patch is triggered by one of the girls closing a circuit with her hands or feet — you can see the “wires” painted on their arms and legs if you look closely — and the final performance bounces right along in that blurry space between dancing and playing. You have to see it to understand — check out the video

Ref: Engadget


Its a good day for Nike SB

Hurah for the guys at Nike for some of the work they are doing with SB and 6.0, its skate and youth focused extreme sports sub brands.
Since the launch of this commercial has been THE buzz within the industry and a coulple of hundred thousand views on the net in the first few days.
Not bad considering SB’s history has been anything but a smooth ride.
Simplicity & insights can work miracles…

more info about the commercial here

more commercial pics here


Project- Collectively Individual

Individuality is best expressed through art and music; through what we create, or what we appreciate. A number of individuals can still belong to the same group or share a common thread… collectively individual.

With this sentiment in mind, you can upload your own artistic interpretation of ‘Collectively Individual’. Three winners will have their work featured at the Beck’s Fusion event in September as well as a pair of VIP tickets to see United Visual Arts and Massive Attack. Submit your contribition here