Doing Trend Research? Here are some sources

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This is a post for my students Business Innovation working on minor Societal impact Lab. This list are some of my go-to places for the latest trend information. Please include sources (APA style) if you use them. Message me if you have any question, or new additions you found your self. If you own a site that need to be on this list… let me know as wel see my contact details on the home page.

•Bright –

•Trendtablet –

•Trendwolves –

•Second Sight –

•Young Works –

•WeAr –

•Nelly Rodi –

•Trendsmindsets –

•Science of the Time –

•Quote the Future –

•The inpiration provider –

•Happy Spotting – – –

•The –


•Frameweb –

•CraftsCurator –

•It Fits –

•Trendslator –

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Change Peoples Minds and Behaviour…


This post is for the students Consumer Insights working on their individual assignment and would like to receive more inspiration on ‘a self-selected urgency where you want/need to change the behavior of people’

Start with this research question:

  • What is the behavior and lifestyle of the mentality group related to the urgency of x? Give a bit of advice for intervention related to behavioral change based on your research


  • Selected links of Behavioral Scientist digital magazine fo all topics dealing with behavioral science and Covid-19 (coronavirus) such as handwashing (and why we do not do it) .
  • Links on the new masculinity and topics such as Alpha men (in Dutch) of the Dutch channel VPRO.

More links will be uploaded soon!

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How To Use Your User Insights

This post is for my international students following the course Consumer Insights of Fontys International Studies.

In order to change the behavior of people, we need to understand why they are behaving the way they are. In this post, I will share some links for interviewing and empathetic listening, the creation of an empathy map, and the ‘ framing’ question… in order to define ‘how might we‘ change this behavior.

First, my tip is to see my earlier post on Sense Worldwide’s  ‘The Art of Interviewing‘, this will give you a golden guideline for all your fieldwork.

Secondly, we discussed the difference between Sympathy, Empathy, and Compassion. Part of learning how to understand different perspectives is finding the path to empathy. Empathy is the capacity to know emotionally what another is experiencing from within the frame of reference of that other person, the capacity to sample the feelings of another or to put one’s self in another’s shoes. For your research on how to change your mentality group’s behavior, it is important to use empathetic listening skills and use the quotes of your interview in an empathy map. Based upon resolving the Pain and amplifying the Gain in your empathy map you fill in the ‘how might we‘ question.

empathy mapScreenshot 2020-03-05 at 15.01.07And finally,  we discussed as an example ‘The Rich Kids of Instagram‘ documentary.
Can map some quotes of this documentary further to define the‘how might we‘ question? This is a good exercise before you start working on your defined urgency and start your interview and apply the empathy map to understand how you can change people’s behavior for the best.  Good luck!

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Cool Virus Control Design

haanHaan-by-Alancrew5haancitrusThis is one of the best souvenirs I brought back from Spain: scented hand sanitizers of the Spanish brand Haan. Although I did spot them in the Netherlands in my local Hutspot store, the current Corona virus scare brought some more immediate shopping inspiration. However, this brand is doing so much more. After doing some more research about the brand, I found out that the designer duo Eric and Hugo are paying special attention to the global water crisis. For sure they wanted to build a cool brand and a profitable business but the primary aim should be to raise awareness of this problem and bring clean water in developing countries.

For every 30 ml bottle of sanitizer sold, 134 liters of clean water is sourced for several projects on the African continent.  

See more at Haan site


Thank you so much


Welcome to 2020! A new decennium has begun and it is time for a change!

Trndmrkr started this year with loads of new exciting (travel)plans and I presented the first ‘What’s Next 2020’ presentation of the year. In 2020, we will need to rethink how they establish lasting and meaningful relationships with consumers beyond the purely transactional. Brands that cater to the ever-changing human needs of today’s consumers, whether they are physical, mental or emotional, will be the ones that triumph in this landscape. In the next couple of days, I will share some examples here on my blog/ site. If you would like to receive more information or comment so not hesitate to contact me via


Vedett Trends 2020 for Millennials


#WELCOME TO THE LAST DAYS OF 2019! And what a roller coaster it was, we have emerged in an eventful era with political, social, economic and ecological changes. But there are so many things to look forward to. Next year a new decennium will start. Young consumers (25-35 years old) and brands will choose to have a more moderate and reassuring view of the future. Enthusiastic to finally change the conversation of gloomy, dystopian times, forward-thinking companies offer a clear vision that is realistic, challenging and optimistic. A growing number of creative projects and campaigns are now focused on presenting honest emotions, expressiveness, and connectedness. These are the kind of values that have the power to change the playing field for brands… Let’s get ready for #2020! This picture was taken during a design deep dive of beer brand Vedett, one of those brands to look forward too in 2020! Thanks Emilie Heesters for the picture and Lars de Beer (whats in a name;-)) for making the graphics pop!

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Welcome 2020

The age of the SensesSo happy to be back on the blog (we had an incident with some hackers, blocking my page) So much to share.

It is that time of the year to discover the new and/ or changing values within society, technology and economy. Hereby is my overview of those I find most interesting:




How Deutsche Bahn made ‘staycation’ hip

How can you trigger Millennial to choose to travel by train (not flying) to a local destination (instead of a exotic location)? Through their latest Instagram campaign, German Rail (Deutsche Bahn) found a way to make traveling in Germany aspirational for this picky generation by using data and social influence; using algorithm to find similar looking photo’s, matching influencers, geo location, comparing latest airline ticket price vs. local train ticket price and sharing it all through social media. Now you really understand the value of a staycation!
Love how they are triggering those influencers to look closer to home to find their next ‘must visit’ spot.

Ref: Contagious

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