The Nike ‘ Back to the Future’ shoe

All hail Nike for finally patenting the Nike Air trainer with automatic laces. Remarkably, they seem very similar to ‘Nike Air Mag’ with’ Power Laces’ from the film ‘Back to the Future II’.

The patent shows a charging system and a button to tie or loose the laces . Nike has already released a model on the market that looked like the shoes from the movie, but the tying of the laces were still not automatic.

For fans of the film this shoe is just what they have been asking for. Over the years fans have made numerous attempts to bring the shoes Marty McFly character to life. Until now, they had to make do with home-made shoes. I believe it is a marketing success, for nostalgia seeking 30-somethings who have enough ‘pocket money’ now to spend on these trainers.


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