How to create a Future Proof (Retail) Experience

Last Sunday it was hot, and not just because of the weather!
Trdmrkr’s Hortense Koster was speaking at the Hoxton Amsterdam about how to design a great (retail) experience. Together with Vivian van Schagen founder of The Invisible Party, brand and creative director Sophie Spindler and moderated by Amanda Cardinale founder of Workwhile agency.Very happy with the event and smiles and cocktails were a bonus too.

Ref: Hoxton Amsterdam, @visuelise

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Instax SQ6 Insights Session


instaxFor the launch of the Fuji Instax SQ6 Trndmrkr offerend customer insights keynote presentation and inspiration for retail outlets who will be carrying the new model.  See more inspiration square sushi and of course the instax SQ6… in the after movie of the event below.

Thank you for attending the first instax insights session!

instax insights session: the square edition from Fujifilm instax on Vimeo.

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Protein Youth Report 2017 @ ADE

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 16.48.28 If you are visiting the Amsterdam Dance Event this year, be sure to drop by the presentation of the youth report 2017 of the lovely people of Protein as well.

I had a chance to read the report. Especially the driver ‘Fake is the New Craft’ I believe captures young behaviour in our fast moving digital society very well. Progressive culture has been commoditized, and youths globally are drawing on their DIY mentality to differentiate themselves and reinstate their relevance, they’re modifying and using brands as platforms to exhibit creativity.

In one of my client reports ( which I unfortunately  cannot share) I mention a similar driver, the COPY MATCH movement; referring to young Gen z’s as Brand Bandits that seek creativity through copy paste their own identity and are not affraid to state their beliefs or abide by copy right rules (and rather apply the ideas of the Copyleft movement).

For more info on the Protein event click here



Custom made bikes made from salvaged auto parts.  Ad agency Lola Madrid created a brand Bicycled that is both environmently conscious as stylish. Bicycled is not only a new type of bike, it is also a return to the roots of biking. It’s a handmade bike created specially by bicycle shop owners, and because the consist of scrap metal from different cars, no two bikes are the same.

Thanks Ralf!


Generation Y go Farming


Sustainable food production, waste management and urban farming have been omnipresent among the Gen Y / Millenials mindset of last year.
In the Netherlands only, projects like ‘ Tuinboon je mee‘ creates pop- up gardens in vacant (and usually forgotten) communal spaces. They bring forth the message to young people how easy and productive planting peas is.

Battle of the Cheetahs, a NCDO-contest targeted towards young professionals, triggered out of the box thinking and concepting on farming, food preservation, food safety and waste management. The winning idea of the contest, ‘Too Good To Waste’ , takes tomato’s just before they perish from the supermarket and processing them into ‘from trash to treasures’ products such as the tomato soup, thus decreasing food waste.

In the US ‘food rebel’ Annie Novak, co-founder and farmer of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is living proof of Gen Y increasing interest and awareness on food and agricultural matters.

Branding agency Egg has pointed out some cultural indicators that are driving the farming trend amoung young professionals. Triggered by the bleak career outlook due to the economy and and increasing awareness on food issues, many college-educated Gen Y-ers turn to a revolutionary agricultural lifestyle that embraces ideals such producing healthy, equitable and sustainable food.

But what is different between Gen Y farming  ideas and traditional farming ideas and methods? Whereas farmers in ‘the old days’ had to rely on know how passed on by generations this internet-savvy DIY-minded generation farmers are able to tap into a rich network of peers in order to figure out how to transform our food system for good. In addition  they use the same digital connectedness to create online retail outlets and distribution systems.

What new Gen Y food projects and innovative ideas can we expect this year? Let us know your thoughts!

Ref: Egg branding, Too Good to Waste,


Millennials: all work and all play

Interesting insights on the different views generations have on work:
Baby Boomers look for security and success in a 9-5 job, hierarchy and growing a career at one company.
Gen X seek success is rising to the top fast, young and working hard, being at the right place at the right time.
However for Gen Y/ Millennials success is not as much reaching a certain goal, but more the journey towards it, being treated as an equal, working hard, everywhere at any time and having fun whilst doing it.

Although  I was raised in a Gen X mindset, looking up my sisters wearing ‘working girl’ power suits and watching ‘The secret to my success’ at an early age  (and yes one of my first 80’s Barbies had a outfit that you could change from work to a cocktail outfit) … I definitely can relate to… and I’m actively engaged in the Gen Y/ Millenial ‘all work and all play’ mind set.
Thanks Mijntje!
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The meaning of influencers for brands nowadays is a topic we at Trndmrkr are currently investigating… and this is a great video about it too… great minds think alike… looking forward to seeing the whole film soon!



Digitals- information overload?

An email, an sms, a phone call, a Facebook message and two tweets all within about 5 seconds of one another… now that’s what I call information overload! It’s the true story of digital wonder boy Chris Crutchfield and he created a music video clip about it.

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