Instax SQ6 Insights Session


instaxFor the launch of the Fuji Instax SQ6 Trndmrkr offerend customer insights keynote presentation and inspiration for retail outlets who will be carrying the new model.  See more inspiration square sushi and of course the instax SQ6… in the after movie of the event below.

Thank you for attending the first instax insights session!

instax insights session: the square edition from Fujifilm instax on Vimeo.

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Hope you all enjoyed the holidays.

As founder of Trndmrkr, I would like to wish you a happy new year!  For Trndmrkr 2017 has been a wonderful year and it was a pleasure working together with talented people on several communities, (trend)research projects, presentations and workshops!

As my way to say thank you, here is a short overview of 5 big trend areas that will be(re)defining customer needs in 2018. And if you are interested to learn more, please let me know.

Looking forward to make 2018 even better with you!


Protein Youth Report 2017 @ ADE

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 16.48.28 If you are visiting the Amsterdam Dance Event this year, be sure to drop by the presentation of the youth report 2017 of the lovely people of Protein as well.

I had a chance to read the report. Especially the driver ‘Fake is the New Craft’ I believe captures young behaviour in our fast moving digital society very well. Progressive culture has been commoditized, and youths globally are drawing on their DIY mentality to differentiate themselves and reinstate their relevance, they’re modifying and using brands as platforms to exhibit creativity.

In one of my client reports ( which I unfortunately  cannot share) I mention a similar driver, the COPY MATCH movement; referring to young Gen z’s as Brand Bandits that seek creativity through copy paste their own identity and are not affraid to state their beliefs or abide by copy right rules (and rather apply the ideas of the Copyleft movement).

For more info on the Protein event click here


Mullets to Mohawks- Grooming Trends

It’s about iconic hairstyles and bespoke grooming.

Nike’s barbershop helps football players get their legendary hair style (and get one yourself on Facebook) Nike’s Barbershop advert is part of the brand’s football campaign ‘My Time Is Now‘ for the upcoming 2012 European Cup.

Schorem is a Dutch example of sartorialist style and bespoke service… in a tough sort of way for Rotterdam men.



Trends Milan Design week

As the economy continues to move slowly and economists seem as uncertain as ever, design offers products to move into a new frontier.

At a collective exhibition showing at Ventura Lambrate, designers were asked, “If you had to envisage life on some other habitable planet other than Earth, what kind of minimal hand luggage would you take with you?”

Based upon using sunlight as an alternative energy to create sculptures out of sand, this solar machine would fit perfectly in any extraterrestrial ecosystem (I’m thinking Mars).


The Pop- Up Generation

Now more than ever, the only constant is change. Trends come and go at ever-faster rates and the today ways of looking at the world will be difficult to recognize in the not-too-distant future. In response, young people are adapting to a more flexible and optimistic pop up way of thinking. In the practice of design, disciplines merge and worlds are linked together; 2D & 3D, analogue & digital, culture & capital, science & art, nature & technology and local & global.

Trend forecaster Lidewij Eldekoort has presented this pop up vision in the exposition The Pop-Up Generation.

Lidewij Edelkoort introduction to The Pop-Up Generation from MOTI on Vimeo.

Although I find her vision very interesting, in my opinion the pop up mentality of young people (design that seemingly effortlessly balances within a 2d and 3d environment) is not to be confused with the rise of pop up stores.
Given the increased mobility of consumers, quick rise of consumer trends, the increasing desire for instant gratification and the ongoing financial crisis, there is a significant supply and demand shift occurring with both consumers as within retail industry. Pop up stores(and pop up restaurants/ communication in effect too) cater to these changing times but are temporary solutions. Pop Up Generation mentality however is here to stay, regardless of the state of the economy or commercial rental rates.


2012 And Beyond

On December 14, Second Sight will launch its new year book and event,’ 2012 and beyond’. Various trend experts will share and present their views on 2012 during this festive afternoon in Amsterdam.

During the event, trend experts share their views on 2012 and beyond: the best contributions from the Second Sight Yearbook ‘2012 and beyond ‘and nominees for the 2012 Trendwatcher of the Year Awards (TWOTY). An inspiring event for anyone who wants to know what the trends for 2012 and what its impact on organizations, consumers, products and services.

Ref: Second Sight