How to create a Future Proof (Retail) Experience

Last Sunday it was hot, and not just because of the weather!
Trdmrkr’s Hortense Koster was speaking at the Hoxton Amsterdam about how to design a great (retail) experience. Together with Vivian van Schagen founder of The Invisible Party, brand and creative director Sophie Spindler and moderated by Amanda Cardinale founder of Workwhile agency.Very happy with the event and smiles and cocktails were a bonus too.

Ref: Hoxton Amsterdam, @visuelise

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Instax SQ6 Insights Session


instaxFor the launch of the Fuji Instax SQ6 Trndmrkr offerend customer insights keynote presentation and inspiration for retail outlets who will be carrying the new model.  See more inspiration square sushi and of course the instax SQ6… in the after movie of the event below.

Thank you for attending the first instax insights session!

instax insights session: the square edition from Fujifilm instax on Vimeo.

(Ref: In10)

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Writing: Gatekeepers & Crashers

Alchemy_ InfluencerCon

Together with a international group of multi-talented influencers andin particular Philip McKenzie had the opportunity to write an article for the Alchemy report, supported by InfluencerCon. The focus of this issue was “Gatekeepers/Crashers: Thriving or Dying?” and is all about “revealing the true machinations behind culture, commerce and influence by bringing gatekeepers and gatecrashers face to face a modern day showdown”.

My contribution is about ‘Hacking’ The System, read more on this in the Alchemy report below or go to the site of Influencer Conference. Special thanks to Philip McKenzie, global curator of Influencer Conference, for bringing these people together.

Alchemy Report – Gatecrashers_keepers-1


10 Trends for 2014

Marking those’shifts’ that matter, JWTIntelligence shared ten key trends that will drive consumer mind-set and behavior for 2014 and beyond.

I especially like the trend Telepathic Technology: understanding mind and moods and reacting in a personalised way is interesting. I believe this will help heath industry enormously to approach patients in the right way, and trigger some ‘brain-to- brain contact’ with consumers (think Mel Gibsons- and whathis telepathic skills could do for him in the movie ‘What Women Want’)

Thanks Claudia!


Focus groups and good ideas

This happens so many times when you ask people their opinion, about what they want, how they feel or why they do the things they do.

Sometimes they just do not know why!

And this possibly keeps you from developing great ideas. So what’s the sollution- be inspired by people and inspire them!
Find out what is relevant in their life and understand the context. Why they are behaving in a (il)logical fashion? And dare to provoke them- let them explore- because just asking ‘Why’? is not enough.


Own The Future Conference

own the future I
A while back I wrote an article for the Own The Future Conference of Hyper Island on how I believe companies (within marketing and advertising industry) could contribute to the future. Read more in my article “Advertising for Good: Not for Profit Only” here. HyperIsland_Hortense_Koster

One of my inspirations for this article is the collaborative brand COMMON, co-founded by Alex Bogusky – the founding partner of the world’s most awarded agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Together with knowledgeable partners, COMMON has proven that we can create valuable brands for good and work from a ‘not for profit only’ mindset- or as they so potently put it: “Do shit that matters”.

If you would like to contribute to building thriving organisations for the future, join us! See the video below for more info and take a look on the website.

Create for Change Conference February 5-6, 2014 from Hyper Island on Vimeo.


New Female Mindset


Trndmrkr had the opportunity to go to Budapest to be a guest speaker at the Nike Central European event. The presentation gave insight about the New Female Mindsets that I have researched in the recent year.

In many ways the traffic lights have been on green for women globally, economically, socially and mentally. They have moved towards being more truly independent and ultimately this has an effect on how the world sees them, how they see themselves and what they want as consumers. During the presentation we went into how brands can recognize these changes and use this knowledge when dealing and communicating with (young) women.

Pic: Nike EU


The Future of Big Data?

PLURALITY from Dennis Liu on Vimeo.

This new short film Plurality vaguely reminds me of the Minority Report back in 2002. Now 10 years later narrowcasting distributors are still working hard to achieve this kind of tailor made digital advertising. But what will happen in the next 10 years? Thanks to the surge of Big Data, could this reality of be true in 2023? In effect, concerns of privacy and Big Data have been the hotly debated by many experts such as Ogilvy & Mather, MIT at industry conferences. And even more anxiously debated and awaited, Privacy and Big Data is the topic of Trndmrkr’s new research.

For more info about the research, contact Trndmrkr’s Hortense Koster