Frog Tech Trends 2015

Frog_ Tech_Trends_2015

This overview of tech agency Frog summs up nicely what tech is enabling – Currently I am working on food related projects so l am curious how “Eat Your Technologies” and “The Internet of Food Goes Online” will evolve in the next few years.
What trends do you think will have the most impact in our daily life?


10 Trends for 2014

Marking those’shifts’ that matter, JWTIntelligence shared ten key trends that will drive consumer mind-set and behavior for 2014 and beyond.

I especially like the trend Telepathic Technology: understanding mind and moods and reacting in a personalised way is interesting. I believe this will help heath industry enormously to approach patients in the right way, and trigger some ‘brain-to- brain contact’ with consumers (think Mel Gibsons- and whathis telepathic skills could do for him in the movie ‘What Women Want’)

Thanks Claudia!


Maker Movement in Brooklyn

Made In Brooklyn from Brooklyn Bridge Ventures on Vimeo.

Last week Trndmrkr was in Brooklyn, NYC exploring a creative renaissance so called ‘maker movement’ that is taking over these parts of the city. At its heart is a thriving community of artisans producing a remarkable variety of handmade goods of up-and-coming makers including bakers, ceramic artists, clothing designers, florists, distillers, and more.

The movement is catching the eye of academics, businesspeople, and investors, too. Economist Jeremy Rifkin described the Maker Movement “as significant as the shift from agriculture to the early industrial era” in Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Offcourse here at Trndmrkr we are hungry for the latest ideas. But to capture the essence of this movement, we have to start with meeting those people behind the movement. That’s why we hooked up with local Dom Gervasi of ‘Made in Brookyn Tours’ to meet the ‘makers’ and see what is happening on his turf.

These are some of his favorites:
‘The Sketchbook Project’. At the Sketchbook Project, a global, crowd-sourced art project and interactive traveling exhibition of handmade (sketch) books, we met Chris. He explained how the project works and showed us some sketchbooks from their ‘library’. What’s great about this project/ shop is that you do not need to be an artist to participate, anyone can join. And visitors of the shop can chose a book on topic or artist subject. Creativity is therefore more accessible for everybody.

OddFellows Ice Cream Co.  Owner Mohan Kumar gave us insight in his Ice cream parlor OddFellows, which he co-founded with his wife Holiday Kumar and Chef Sam Mason (co-owner/head chef). The story goed that during his wife pregnancy with twins she was craving salty ice cream. Chef Chef Sam Mason suprised her with a tub of Pretzel flavored ice cream, he made especially for her. It lasted no more than 5 minutes, and this triggered them to bring those flavors to the public and open up a store. The ice cream flavors are as tempting as provocative- how about Cornbread (this seasons favorite), Beet Pistachio Honey Goat Cheese, Tobacco Leaf Smoked Chili Huckleberry and Chorizo Caramel Swirl (I tried it, no meats were involved, just a smoky sweet aftertaste).

Proof that the maker movement is gaining interest is the new movie “Maker”. “Maker” is a feature-length documentary on the maker movement, showing that the movement is going beyond ‘hobbyists’ and into “prototyping our next generation of manufacturing, education, healthcare and financial services”. Support them to finish the movie on Kickstarter!


Focus groups and good ideas

This happens so many times when you ask people their opinion, about what they want, how they feel or why they do the things they do.

Sometimes they just do not know why!

And this possibly keeps you from developing great ideas. So what’s the sollution- be inspired by people and inspire them!
Find out what is relevant in their life and understand the context. Why they are behaving in a (il)logical fashion? And dare to provoke them- let them explore- because just asking ‘Why’? is not enough.


Own The Future Conference

own the future I
A while back I wrote an article for the Own The Future Conference of Hyper Island on how I believe companies (within marketing and advertising industry) could contribute to the future. Read more in my article “Advertising for Good: Not for Profit Only” here. HyperIsland_Hortense_Koster

One of my inspirations for this article is the collaborative brand COMMON, co-founded by Alex Bogusky – the founding partner of the world’s most awarded agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Together with knowledgeable partners, COMMON has proven that we can create valuable brands for good and work from a ‘not for profit only’ mindset- or as they so potently put it: “Do shit that matters”.

If you would like to contribute to building thriving organisations for the future, join us! See the video below for more info and take a look on the website.

Create for Change Conference February 5-6, 2014 from Hyper Island on Vimeo.


Case: Damn Food Waste

Damn Food Waste logo

During the last couple of months Trndmrkr had the opportunity together with the talented people of Foodcabinet, YFM and FoodGuerilla to set up an event on June 29 on the Museumplein in Amsterdam against food waste. The aim was to present a spectacular lunch for 5000 people prepared entirely of fresh food that – for a variety of reasons – would normally not end up on our plate. To stop food waste in the entire chain, we asked consumers, companies and politicians to make a pact against food waste.

The results were amazing*:

Damn Food Waste 29 juni 2013 from Food Cabinet on Vimeo.

– 6500 visitors to the event (1500 more than expected) were offered a free lunch, even more people showed up
– A total of 4488 consumers, businesses and governemnt ofiicials signed the pact
– Gained enormous value in free publicity(for e.g. specials in TV broadcast of NOS 20 u journaal, Vara Kassa Groen, Knevel & van der Brink, Een Vandaag and Hart van Nederland and articles in national and international print news media such the Telegraaf, Volkskrant, NRC, Trouw and Standaard)
– Due to our communication efforts reached 1/3 people throughout the Netherlands (that’s close to 6 million people).

Secretary of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands, Sharon Dijksma, endorsed that food waste is a problem and attended Damn Food Waste event- has send in a proposal for the cabinet

Damn Food Waste is an initiative of: Food Guerrilla (NCDO), Voedingscentrum, Youth Food Movement, Wageningen UR, Natuur en Milieu en Feeding the 5000/EU Fusions.

* for more info on results, contact NCDO .