Millennials: all work and all play

Interesting insights on the different views generations have on work:
Baby Boomers look for security and success in a 9-5 job, hierarchy and growing a career at one company.
Gen X seek success is rising to the top fast, young and working hard, being at the right place at the right time.
However for Gen Y/ Millennials success is not as much reaching a certain goal, but more the journey towards it, being treated as an equal, working hard, everywhere at any time and having fun whilst doing it.

Although  I was raised in a Gen X mindset, looking up my sisters wearing ‘working girl’ power suits and watching ‘The secret to my success’ at an early age  (and yes one of my first 80’s Barbies had a outfit that you could change from work to a cocktail outfit) … I definitely can relate to… and I’m actively engaged in the Gen Y/ Millenial ‘all work and all play’ mind set.
Thanks Mijntje!
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The Pitch

The Pitch is a reality soap about the dynamics of ‘pitching’ in advertising industry. The tense atmosphere is grueling in this first episode. Glad I have experienced pitching in a more relaxed way in real life…. A lighter version of presenting an idea is this Israeli commercial, not very new but still very funny…

Thanks Sharon

Ref:, McCann Erickson


Looking For Lovers Of All Things New

According to an article of Phil Johnson of PJA Advertising in Ad Age:
“Every agency needs a lover of all things ‘new’, because most of us gravitate toward the familiar, and fall back on the tried and true. This person feels a gravitational pull toward every shiny new object. While he can fall prey to trends, he makes us look at shifts in popular culture and see the potential in new technologies.”

At Trendmrkr we like to think we have a bunch of those kind of ‘lovers’…while keeping a critical eye towards ‘trends’.

Ref: AdAge, The life design project


A Modern Fairytale

Traditional storytelling vs. transmedia storytelling…the Brits are great in adapting traditional ‘fairytales’ into a modern transmedia ‘journalism’ version such as this version of the 3 little pigs for The Guardian… this commercial has that curated, multimedia chaotic look and feel to it… resembling the Sherlock series.. doesn’t it?

Ref: AdAge


The Bark Side: 2012, Volkswagen does StarWars

This made my day… canine chorus barks a familiar tune…especially the Chewbarca reference (that pun was intended) and the Whippet cameo at the end…
Volkswagen seem to taken the Catvertising trend to another level…Barkvertising it is!

Keep an eye out for our 2012 Game Day commercial—it will all make sense. Love Star Wars and Volkswagen? Create an Intergalactic Invite to your Big Game party here.