Sense Supper Club Amsterdam

Last week, I was honored to co-host a Sense Supper Club in Amsterdam. Sense Supper Clubs are evenings organised by members of the Sense Network: a global community of highly motivated, visionary, articulate and creative thinkers and doers who have collaborated with the likes of Nike, PepsiCo, Converse and Sonos.

During this evening these ‘Sensers’ come together in their local cities to eat, drink and to share and discuss their extraordinary creative journeys, careers, side hustles, live projects and collaborations. With previous Sense Supper Clubs hosted in Londen, Berlin and Los Angeles, Amsterdam of course could not stay far behind.
Read more about my experience of this creative evening in Amsterdam below.


Instax SQ6 Insights Session


instaxFor the launch of the Fuji Instax SQ6 Trndmrkr offerend customer insights keynote presentation and inspiration for retail outlets who will be carrying the new model.  See more inspiration square sushi and of course the instax SQ6… in the after movie of the event below.

Thank you for attending the first instax insights session!

instax insights session: the square edition from Fujifilm instax on Vimeo.

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Writing: Gatekeepers & Crashers

Alchemy_ InfluencerCon

Together with a international group of multi-talented influencers andin particular Philip McKenzie had the opportunity to write an article for the Alchemy report, supported by InfluencerCon. The focus of this issue was “Gatekeepers/Crashers: Thriving or Dying?” and is all about “revealing the true machinations behind culture, commerce and influence by bringing gatekeepers and gatecrashers face to face a modern day showdown”.

My contribution is about ‘Hacking’ The System, read more on this in the Alchemy report below or go to the site of Influencer Conference. Special thanks to Philip McKenzie, global curator of Influencer Conference, for bringing these people together.

Alchemy Report – Gatecrashers_keepers-1


Design Transitions

Adobe Photoshop PDF The industry of design is changing rapidly and the new book Design Transitions presents 42 unique and insightful stories of how design is changing around the world. From the expanding roles a designer plays (e.g. educator, entrepreneur and facilitator), greater collaborations to the diversification of business models.

Trndmrkr was at the launch of the book in the iconic Hotel Droog . At the launch co-authors Dr. Joyce Yee, Dr. Emma Jefferies and several contributors such as Arne Van Oosterom (DesignThinkers Group), Erik Roscam Abbing (Zilver Innovation) gave their view on the changes they have experienced. The next launch event is in London at the Fjord service design office, be there!

Read more about the launch hereBaQe1hEIUAAZ65t



Own The Future Conference

own the future I
A while back I wrote an article for the Own The Future Conference of Hyper Island on how I believe companies (within marketing and advertising industry) could contribute to the future. Read more in my article “Advertising for Good: Not for Profit Only” here. HyperIsland_Hortense_Koster

One of my inspirations for this article is the collaborative brand COMMON, co-founded by Alex Bogusky – the founding partner of the world’s most awarded agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Together with knowledgeable partners, COMMON has proven that we can create valuable brands for good and work from a ‘not for profit only’ mindset- or as they so potently put it: “Do shit that matters”.

If you would like to contribute to building thriving organisations for the future, join us! See the video below for more info and take a look on the website.

Create for Change Conference February 5-6, 2014 from Hyper Island on Vimeo.


Case: Damn Food Waste

Damn Food Waste logo

During the last couple of months Trndmrkr had the opportunity together with the talented people of Foodcabinet, YFM and FoodGuerilla to set up an event on June 29 on the Museumplein in Amsterdam against food waste. The aim was to present a spectacular lunch for 5000 people prepared entirely of fresh food that – for a variety of reasons – would normally not end up on our plate. To stop food waste in the entire chain, we asked consumers, companies and politicians to make a pact against food waste.

The results were amazing*:

Damn Food Waste 29 juni 2013 from Food Cabinet on Vimeo.

– 6500 visitors to the event (1500 more than expected) were offered a free lunch, even more people showed up
– A total of 4488 consumers, businesses and governemnt ofiicials signed the pact
– Gained enormous value in free publicity(for e.g. specials in TV broadcast of NOS 20 u journaal, Vara Kassa Groen, Knevel & van der Brink, Een Vandaag and Hart van Nederland and articles in national and international print news media such the Telegraaf, Volkskrant, NRC, Trouw and Standaard)
– Due to our communication efforts reached 1/3 people throughout the Netherlands (that’s close to 6 million people).

Secretary of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands, Sharon Dijksma, endorsed that food waste is a problem and attended Damn Food Waste event- has send in a proposal for the cabinet

Damn Food Waste is an initiative of: Food Guerrilla (NCDO), Voedingscentrum, Youth Food Movement, Wageningen UR, Natuur en Milieu en Feeding the 5000/EU Fusions.

* for more info on results, contact NCDO .


The Era Of The Designer


In May Trndmrkr was part of the communications team of the What Design Can Do an international conference about the impact of design. Highlights included presentations of Mike Kruzinski, Head of design for Twitter, Marije Vogelzang, food & eating designer and Nicholas Roope, cofounder of Poke, a London-based digital creative company.

At the end of the two day Conference the conference book which was designed, printed and published right on the spot during What Design Can Do 2013. The book contains an extensive overview of What Design Can Do 2013, speaker profiles, breakout reports, an interview with Kees Dorst, articles by Timo de Rijk, David Kester, and many more speakers.

Have a look right here

WDCD 2013 Aftermovie from What Design Can Do on Vimeo.

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Case: Future of the Museum

Trndmrkr had the opportunity to host a workshop at the Eye Film Insitute for the INE (Innovators Netwerk Erfgoedsector). We discussed in depth the 7 trends researched by the Amerikaanse Centre for the Future of Museums : Crowdsourcing, Threats to Nonprofit Status, Mobile experiences, New forms of funding, Creative Aging, Augmented reality, Shifts in Education.
During the workshop the participants created a an overview of the posibilities and challenges of these trends for the Dutch museum landscape.


How Advertising will heal the World and your Business

Last week Trndmrkr gave a guest lecture at the Fontys International Lifestyle Studies about researching and reporting about the macro trend within advertising  ‘Not For Profit Only‘ for Second Sight Magazine. Click on picture to read…

not_for_profit_only_1 not_for_profit_only_2

One of the lucky students got a copy of the book ‘How Advertising will Heal the World and your Business’  which covers a great deal of what the trend is about in the advertising industry.

Allthough the title suggests something very lucid- it is very factual and in-dept research on the shift in marketing paradigm .. moving away from pure for profit brand thinking to pro social brand thinking. There are some great examples and a model…

Download the book for free via this link .

Thanks Mark Woerde of Lemz!


2012 And Beyond

On December 14, Second Sight will launch its new year book and event,’ 2012 and beyond’. Various trend experts will share and present their views on 2012 during this festive afternoon in Amsterdam.

During the event, trend experts share their views on 2012 and beyond: the best contributions from the Second Sight Yearbook ‘2012 and beyond ‘and nominees for the 2012 Trendwatcher of the Year Awards (TWOTY). An inspiring event for anyone who wants to know what the trends for 2012 and what its impact on organizations, consumers, products and services.

Ref: Second Sight