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A while back I wrote an article for the Own The Future Conference of Hyper Island on how I believe companies (within marketing and advertising industry) could contribute to the future. Read more in my article “Advertising for Good: Not for Profit Only” here. HyperIsland_Hortense_Koster

One of my inspirations for this article is the collaborative brand COMMON, co-founded by Alex Bogusky – the founding partner of the world’s most awarded agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Together with knowledgeable partners, COMMON has proven that we can create valuable brands for good and work from a ‘not for profit only’ mindset- or as they so potently put it: “Do shit that matters”.

If you would like to contribute to building thriving organisations for the future, join us! See the video below for more info and take a look on the website.

Create for Change Conference February 5-6, 2014 from Hyper Island on Vimeo.


The Era Of The Designer


In May Trndmrkr was part of the communications team of the What Design Can Do an international conference about the impact of design. Highlights included presentations of Mike Kruzinski, Head of design for Twitter, Marije Vogelzang, food & eating designer and Nicholas Roope, cofounder of Poke, a London-based digital creative company.

At the end of the two day Conference the conference book which was designed, printed and published right on the spot during What Design Can Do 2013. The book contains an extensive overview of What Design Can Do 2013, speaker profiles, breakout reports, an interview with Kees Dorst, articles by Timo de Rijk, David Kester, and many more speakers.

Have a look right here

WDCD 2013 Aftermovie from What Design Can Do on Vimeo.

Ref: Design INDABA

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Is iPhone Losing Its Edge?


Since 2007 generally speaking people  have been ecstatic about their Apple iPhone, but with any long term relationship, thing get rocky and sometimes bust..

One of the film that have been circling the web is

read more in the article

Ref: Steve Hockett, Kristy Korcz

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Wheel of Persuasion

This week I was at a presentation about Persuasion and Digital Influence.

One of the presentations on digital influencer techniques and models that struck me most,  was one of ‘online consumer psychologist’ Bart Schutz of Online Dialogue.

During his presentation Bart introduced his The ‘Wheel of Persuasion’, a nifty model linking research methods, context and target. The model is not live yet but have a sneek preview below:

Wheel of Persuasion demo from Online Dialogue on Vimeo.


The Future of Big Data?

PLURALITY from Dennis Liu on Vimeo.

This new short film Plurality vaguely reminds me of the Minority Report back in 2002. Now 10 years later narrowcasting distributors are still working hard to achieve this kind of tailor made digital advertising. But what will happen in the next 10 years? Thanks to the surge of Big Data, could this reality of be true in 2023? In effect, concerns of privacy and Big Data have been the hotly debated by many experts such as Ogilvy & Mather, MIT at industry conferences. And even more anxiously debated and awaited, Privacy and Big Data is the topic of Trndmrkr’s new research.

For more info about the research, contact Trndmrkr’s Hortense Koster


The internet in 2002, 2012 and 2022?

This infographic made me reminisce about what I was doing on the internet in 2002. Studying mostly, on my iMac … and if I remember correctly, I just got my (slow dial-up) online connection at home. Before that I had to work on campus, looking into Mintel reports and browsing internet explorer. And yes I created my first website (for a school project) on Netscape. Now a 2002’s website design is so retro, its becoming trendy again.  The most staggering info on the infographic I though was the bottom part “Refusal to adapt resulted in a failure to thrive”. Consider how much our life has changed over the last 10 years… and and how it will continue to change the next 10 years. What will our internet needs be in 2022? Will the internet become leading in technological singularity? So no need for computers any more: writing down your thoughts (blogging!) is done merely via brain power and saved, shared and found in the Cloud? let me know what you think.
Ref: Mashable


Sundays. A film about our future.

What would happen when we approach a tipping point known as a technological singularity. It’s the moment when computer power surpasses human intelligence. This moment is inevitable. Our world will change forever.  Want to know more..they are raising money through Kickstarter to make this short film, only 10 days to go….check it here


The meaning of influencers for brands nowadays is a topic we at Trndmrkr are currently investigating… and this is a great video about it too… great minds think alike… looking forward to seeing the whole film soon!