Instagramaniacs and the Collapse of Conversation?

Against a backdrop of ever shorter technology cycles, end user needs are evolving at an ever quicker pace. Smartphones in use crossed the one billion mark in 2012 and will double by 2015. Such explosive take-up is also accompanied by new customer behaviors, such as the rise of Instagram. Teens are ditching Facebook en masse and moving to Instagram .

It has even become the second most popular (23 % up from 12 per cent last year) social network among teens in the
US according to Piper Jaffray’s semi-annual teen market research report

article-2475591-18F6598700000578-137_634x489 (Piper Jappray)

In a recent interview of Business Insider, the teens suggests that main reason why they Instagram is “Because you can just scroll through quickly when you’re bored, looking for funny or interesting stuff but not having full conversations.”

The following documentary shares a bit more insight on why young people like Instragram so much …

Instagram Is from technopaul productions on Vimeo.

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Focus groups and good ideas

This happens so many times when you ask people their opinion, about what they want, how they feel or why they do the things they do.

Sometimes they just do not know why!

And this possibly keeps you from developing great ideas. So what’s the sollution- be inspired by people and inspire them!
Find out what is relevant in their life and understand the context. Why they are behaving in a (il)logical fashion? And dare to provoke them- let them explore- because just asking ‘Why’? is not enough.


Own The Future Conference

own the future I
A while back I wrote an article for the Own The Future Conference of Hyper Island on how I believe companies (within marketing and advertising industry) could contribute to the future. Read more in my article “Advertising for Good: Not for Profit Only” here. HyperIsland_Hortense_Koster

One of my inspirations for this article is the collaborative brand COMMON, co-founded by Alex Bogusky – the founding partner of the world’s most awarded agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Together with knowledgeable partners, COMMON has proven that we can create valuable brands for good and work from a ‘not for profit only’ mindset- or as they so potently put it: “Do shit that matters”.

If you would like to contribute to building thriving organisations for the future, join us! See the video below for more info and take a look on the website.

Create for Change Conference February 5-6, 2014 from Hyper Island on Vimeo.


Brand Relevance

brandrelevanceBrand relevance creates an offer that is so innovative that it drives the development of a new category or subcategory for which competitors are not relevant anymore. We agree, for some time now but its good to see that Branding guru David Aaker’s made the effort to write book on this0 Brand Relevance: Making Competitor’s Irrelevant. This book shows how to turn away from destructive brand preference competition to focus on winning the brand relevance war.



Custom made bikes made from salvaged auto parts.  Ad agency Lola Madrid created a brand Bicycled that is both environmently conscious as stylish. Bicycled is not only a new type of bike, it is also a return to the roots of biking. It’s a handmade bike created specially by bicycle shop owners, and because the consist of scrap metal from different cars, no two bikes are the same.

Thanks Ralf!